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Giuseppe served our church for a long period of time when we didn’t have a worship leader on staff. I highly recommend him to any church looking for a worship leader. He has a genuine heart of the Lord that shines through in his worship leadership. He leads with confidence, authority, and sensitivity without drawing attention to himself. He keeps the focus on God. The quality of his voice and musicianship were a blessing to our congregation week after week. I don’t hesitate to reach out to Giuseppe when we are looking for someone to lead.

Ben Joyce

Pastor, Soma SRV

I have watched Giuseppe faithfully invest in churches of varying denominations for years and bring a servant’s heart and a desire to understand those he is leading before ever trying to influence a culture. He wants love to win out in the contexts he leads in and helps people take the next right step in their worship experience. With his experience in the marketplace combined with being involved with church leadership, he is equipped to lead others with a more balanced perspective than most leaders I come across.

Kevin Toqe

Musician/Artist, Kevin